Always Good Advice

Céline Brien Électrolyse et Esthétique offers you body care
professionally delivered. Being passionate about her work and
 with 16 years of experience, you are the center of attention. She offer you
 a personalized service, attentive to your needs and determined to
help you find a solution.

I offer you a range of treatments for your well-being

For your well-being and to make you radiant and comfortable in your
skin, the following cares are available:

Foot and hand care (in residence and at home)

Paraffin treatment



Infra therapy

. Reduces cellulite;
. Elimination of toxins;
. Reduces stiffness, muscle spasms;
. Strengthening the immune system;
. Stimulates blood circulation;
. Relaxing / calming effect.

Cosmetics consultant

Offer a gift certificate maybe also pleasant to receive!

I offer you a personalized service, I’m attentive to your needs and together we will find a solution.

Softness and relaxation

Celine welcomes you for a moment of sweetness and relaxation in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why her customers have been loyal to her since the beginning.

Make an appointment now in my salon in Waterloo

Treat yourself with a privileged moment by choosing among many services. Whether if it’s to offer you a foot care, a hair removal to wax to have soft and beautiful legs or any other services, come and talk to me about your projects! I will be happy to satisfy you and make you smile again.

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday: 9.a.m to 11.a.m then 14h00.p.m. to 5h00.p.m then 6h30.p.m. to 8h30.p.m

Thursday: 9.a.m to 11.a.m and 2h00.p.m. to 5h00.p.m.

Friday: 9.a.m to 11.a.m